Winter on the southcoast

Loving Winter on the South Coast

May 15, 2017

Things are cooling of on the coast as per normal for this time of year. Coming into winter we hear a lot of people complaining about the cold mornings shorter days etc.. but we embrace the cool change, for us it means better surf conditions, crisp clear days lightly scattered with those slightly overcast colder days which are quite obviously designed for drinking coffee! And lets not forget the roasting room becomes a cozy little patch of heaven as we continue to churn out batch after batch of quality roasts. We often get asked if things slow down over winter to which we promptly answer "no", but on looking at it all a little more closely I guess you could say things do slow a little, in fact just enough to still the chaos and allow us to catch up on all the little details that can often get missed in the hustle and bustle of holiday seasons. We have from the very beginning been determined that our business was not going to be one ruled by the hope before and the disappointment after holiday season, so we set up in a manner that is mostly aimed at our local population by researching the local market thoroughly before and continuing to do so even now as we mould and innovate business with the growth of this beautiful town.  There is literally no place we would rather be than Moruya, and if you stop long enough to check your surroundings you won't blame us :) . So I guess in a nutshell we are welcoming yet another South Coast Winter with high spirits and are excited to sea how these cooler months pan out! As Big Dog often says "It's not cold it's just your attitude towards it"

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