Panama Geisha

Is Panama Geisha Really that Good

February 22, 2017

Well after traveling to Panama late in 2016 to see what all the fuss was about regarding Panama Geisha Coffee we have been able to make a well informed decision on where this particular coffee sits on a scale of 1-best. Obviously "the best"coffee can not simply be determined by facts and spreadsheets alone as coffee is such a personal experience and everyone has a unique set of taste buds and olfactory sensors which automatically means that there will be different opinions on this subject. Also peoples personal experience with a particular growing region, country of origin and cafe/coffee outlet will most of the time change ones perspective of a particular product. The above no doubt being the reason that I personally am so taken by this coffee. I mean you fly into a beautiful place like Panama, visit the Miraflores Canal de Panama maybe take a boat ride to the rainforest where your boat becomes the amusement park of monkeys, then fly to the city of David (panama) drive up into the foothills to a bustling little town known as Boquete and then on into the mountains to coffee plantations which are sprawled out amongst the trees and across the mountains. Meet the plantation owners who warmly welcome you, sit through dinner with you and share some beautiful Argentinian wines by the open fire before touring and getting to know the plantation the following morning. So you can see how one can fall in love with this fairytale like place. then with all that pumping through your senses you sit at a cupping table some 1800m above see level and for the first time sip at Panama Geisha Coffee, Of course its going to be the best thing you have ever tasted! I guess the real test comes when you have to leave this amazing place and head home to the usual hustle bustle and stresses of everyday work and life and keeping a cafe running in a ever growing and competitive market, then your order arrives and once again you test the product will it measure up? Well in this case I was surprised to find it exactly how I remembered it just as good and unique as up on that mountain, and at this point we made the call that this is simply one of the best coffees in the market place to date. Let me explain what makes this coffee a stand out from any other coffees I have tried to date: Panama Geisha has a superbly high level of stone fruit sweetness combined with a delicate tart acidity of peach, beautiful jasmine notes and a clean crisp aftertaste, its mouthfeel is extremely smooth and well balanced. 

So on a scale of 1-best we rate it "simply the best" 



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