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March 21, 2017

Just thought I'd drop a few lines on this little collection of locally handmade products we are selling along with the legends from Blue Fence Picture Framing in Moruya. Too often waste product is treated as a necessary evil and then disposed of once it has served its primary purpose, well we have found a secondary purpose for our hessian coffee sacks! once we are finished with them we hand them over to a local seamstress who spends hours with needle and thread turning them from sacks into beautiful lampshades, computer bags, travel bags, back packs and all kinds of ladies hand bags adding bits of fabric cutoffs to line the bags and pretty them up a bit. This fantastic range of quality products can be viewed and purchased in-store or made to order (size+style) with a percentage of the purchase cost going directly to the Philippines with a team of locals who make the journey at least once a year to help support impoverished communities in and around Bacolod City. Last year I took the opportunity to personally make the trip over and helped build a Church - Community centre - Storm shelter. In all my travels I have never been involved in such a genuine community of people. The people in the Philippines are amazing and their communities are already hell bent on helping each other out so it was just such a pleasure to join them in helping those in need around them. I have made a commitment to personally continue traveling back to the Philippines as often as I can. So now you can buy your trendy little bag of choice while helping out the beautiful people of the Philippines. You may well ask why we chose to help the people of the Philippines in such a way? An opportunity arose to help provide aid to people which is something I felt passionate about. We can honestly say that 100% of the money put aside from the sales of the bags gets into their hands. No administration fees, nothing is taken out as we pay our own way (flights accomodation + food). In the effort to help these people we believe this the best and most transparent place to start........ There is so much more I could say on this story but instead I will add a few pictures of the last project and the Recycled bags :)Mixing the footings

Church-Community centre- Storm shelter

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