Colombian Coffee is Changing our World

Colombian Coffee is Changing our World

by sam steiner September 18, 2019

Wow time flies! It seems like only yesterday we were in Colombia and Costa Rica, travelling through some of their most beautiful regions in search of coffee plantations.

On our journey to find more ethical and sustainable coffee sources, it was only a matter of time before we would encounter brothers, Carlos & Phillipe Arcila, and their team at Their father Jairo Arcila has been a coffee farmer all his life and worked in the coffee industry for 40+ years, so we couldn’t pass up an offer to visit their family farm in Armenia, Colombia.


Once we met the brothers we knew that we had found our Colombian connection and begun the journey of building a lasting friendship with We believe this will help Alfresco Coffee Roasters and, as we continue to support Colombian farmers and bring high quality, sustainable coffee to the south coast of NSW and beyond.

Not long after connecting with we were convinced that we needed to go and see for ourselves what was happening on the ground and check out the reality of what does there. is doing some amazing work with Colombian coffee growers. The work we saw was impressive and inspiring. They have a large focus on helping growers reach new levels and have their best interests in mind. 

We are now using their Natural Castillo from Jairo Arcila’s farm Buenos Aires as our Colombia single origin and incorporating coffee from the other farms into our blends to bring some of the wonder of Colombia into our coffee.

Memories from’s generous hospitality and the information freely shared with us will continue to be a part of our journey in the coming years and we look forward to embarking on more trips back to revisit both the legends there and the farmers we connected with.

All said and done it was literally the trip of a lifetime and has inspired us to bring a higher level of speciality coffee to the South Coast of NSW.

Stay tuned for the next post that will feature our recommendations on where to find the best coffee in Colombia.

sam steiner
sam steiner


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